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Digital Radiographs (99% less radiation)
Full mouth rehabilitation
Crowns and bridges
Complete and partial removable dentures
TMD (Jaw Joint Problems)
Traumatic injuries
Root canal therapy
Implants and implant restorations
Tooth sensitivity treatment
Preventive Dentistry: 
   Fluoride treatments
Cosmetic dentistry: 
   One hour teeth whitening
   All porcelain crowns, inlays and onlays


I recently had Extensive dental work performed in by Dr. Feinzaig. The work included crowns, a bridge, root canals, many cavities and whitening.
The work was performed to the highest professional standards. But there is much more to recommend Dr. Feinzaig for:

1. Consultation: At each point of any procedure with a possible choice of methodology we consulted with experts in the field including root canal treatment and cardiology (Which in my case resulted in a life saving change modification.)

2. Staffing: Their dedicated staff is their strength- each person from receptionist, gardener, delivery person and especially assistants and technicians obviously exude their mission of service to the patient.

3. Accommodations: It is soon realized that they place their selves at your convenience, what a delightful change from the unfortunate attitude of "I an God" which is to prevalent in U.S. professionals.

4. Cost or Pricing: It appears that due to whatever causes the final pricing of services in this profession is aprox. 50-60% of those in Midwest U.S. and even greater savings on either coast.

5. Communication: e-mail and telephone communications with the office are simple, inexpensive and fast.

6. Summary: Their professionalism, humility and humor are without peer.

Norv Hubbel
Michigan, U.S.A.

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